Joined our company very recently and he managed to earn a flawless reputation at short notice. He helps people with various disabilities to adapt to life in the modern society. His skills allow him to diagnose even the trickiest diseases at the early stage and to treat them successfully. George is also very good at treating diseases that people may have due to their stress at work or at school/university. He started practicing as a therapeutist at Seattle Mercy Hospital when he graduated from medical university of the same city. After 2 years of being an intern at therapeutic department, he joined the team of Sacred Medical Care Center, where he had worked for 6 years before moving to Chicago.

Shortly afterwards George joined Home Health Care Agency, because he felt his skills and education should be used not just to treat people, but to help them. Here’s how George explains his appearance at our agency: “When I came to Chicago I didn’t know anyone but my old friend and colleague Jason Ramirez, with whom I got acquainted when attending the therapeutic courses in Seattle. He introduced me to the head of Therapeutic Department in this center and told me about the vacancy of therapeutist and the agency. I immediately decided to apply this position, and I’m glad I’m working here now. ”