Jason Ramirez joined our agency in 2009 as a traumatologist who already has been employed as a surgeon and traumatologist at other clinics and hospitals. He was born in Philadelphia to a family of doctors who decided to give their son a choice between two professions he was interested in – traumatologist or pediatrician. Jason decided to enter the Philadelphia Medical University to get a degree in traumatology. He succeeded in it, and in 5 years, in 2000, he graduated from the university and moved to Chicago.

Here he started “helping people to feel better”, according to his own words. In 2001, he entered the Chicago State Hospital where he worked as a traumatologist and later as a surgeon, after finishing extension courses in Seattle, where he also got acquainted with our theraupetist George Rogers. In 2005 Jason decided to join North Medical Care Agency to use his professional qualification to help elderly and people who suffered from various traumas in accidents. It was his first experience in working for a health care agency. After four years of extensive work as traumatologist, Jason Ramirez joined Home Health Care Agency, where he works now.